Wife hood

The Purpose of Wifehood

Genesis: Oh Eve, Oh Eve…lost purpose…


In the beginning of your life you were born a FEMALE (Genesis 2:22). And you were born this way for a PURPOSE (Genesis 2:18). Whether you were raised with godly principles or not, YOUR CALLING IS TO BE MAN´S HELPER. We are not here to compete with men or to show them we can do what they can and more. We are not here to complain about men all the time, we complain that they don’t make enough, or we complain about the choices they make, etc. We have shown men that they are not even a competitor to the career game, we have proved that we can be the bread winners, we have shown that we can do hard labor in the construction field, and so on and so forth. And yet, we demand men to treat us like the women we are when we are acting like men.

No more fighting for equal rights.

Equal rights
Equal rights

Women in our past have fought for equal rights, voting rights, and all these other rights. And that is amazing! I’m glad that women have proven to be brave and have fought for what we believe was right, and have inspired other women to be bold. And all that is awesome. And I want you to know that God has always seen us equal even when this world made us feel like we weren’t. God doesn’t see us like we see us. In God´s eyes we are all equal (1 Peter 3:7).

Now that the world knows all that, we can focus back on what we are here to do.

So, let´s focus. Here we go.

Fast forward through time and we are no longer just a female in this world but we have now united with a male and became one (Genesis 2:24). Then after we became one, we became a mommy to another human being(Genesis 4:1). Are you seeing what I’m seeing? God has made us for specific purposes. God, has an orderly plan for us to pursue. It’s clear, it’s on point, it’s in order, we just need to follow it. And when we fall off the wagon we need to get right back on it. Even if it wasn’t where it was. It’s never too late to jump on the wagon of God’s purpose (Isaiah 48:9).

 God’s Orderly Plan

1. To be a female and to know our place.

2. To be man´s helper.

3. To become a mommy. (For the wives that don’t have children or can’t have children, pray to God and let the Holy Spirit lead you).

Remember that this plan has middle ground. We don’t become woman one day, and then marry the next day and then become a mommy the next day after that. Some women go through many different seasons before getting married others get married and go through more seasons without children. Always remember to pray through everything especially before making any major decision. We don’t have to do what Eve did to learn from her mistake. We can learn from her mistake and pray before we make decisions.

The Rebellious One Too Many

We are all females but some of us don’t know how to be a female because we are too busy trying to be something we are not (Genesis 3:5-6). Most of us think and say, “I have a bigger and better plan for myself than what God has put me here on earth to do.” We devalue God’s purpose for our greater gain. We think we are smarter than God. God has the big picture. He is abundance and knows everything. He is the giver and creator. The alpha and the omega. And you are foolish by doing and thinking otherwise.

Society has devalued helper/assistant.


We might also see the role “helper” as little or no value. But I want to ask you this, don’t you call upon the Lord Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit to come help you on things/situations? And do you think God is a low being or his role as your helper is something of unimportance? No you don’t, because you have experienced God´s almighty power.

The Powerful Helper


So you as a helper can be very powerful to your husband because God made you that way. He made you so you can help and complete man (Genesis 2:18). To submit to our husbands and accept their authority (1 Peter 3:1) to raise godly children to teach the younger women. Now I’m not saying you can’t do other things, what I’m saying is don’t let those other things be bigger than your calling. In other words don’t compromise your calling for other things, like climbing up the corporate ladder, or pursuing a role that is not yours to pursue, or not being able to manage your home, or things that keep you from teaching your children Godly ways. The path to righteousness is very narrow and it is important for us as mommies and wives to make sure our family is on the righteous path.

Our purpose has upgraded to whatever we have become.


Let me ask you this, do you see yourself as one, or two, or three separate identities? For example, some women say, “well, first I’m a mommy above anything else,” or “they say first I’m a wife above anything else” or “I´m a woman and I have needs therefore my needs come first.” I was that woman who would identify herself as one or the other but never all three at the same time. Until I heard this woman talk about how she created a business from home around her family. She said that she built a business without compromising her family because her family was her business and she was not just a woman, a mommy, or a wife but all three integrated into one being at the same time. I thought to myself, “I never thought of it like that.” I had always seen myself as one or the other or if I was out on a date with my husband then I would think of myself as a woman and wife but not as a mommy. It’s kind of like I would forget one to fulfill the other for a certain time and then pick up the other when I needed to. I hope you´re understanding and not getting confused. If you are getting confused please comment below that way we can process this concept together. I will love to hear your thoughts in regards to this.

Encouragement to pursue your journey

Encouragement journey
Encouragement journey

I want to encourage you to take the journey yourself of finding out what’s God’s purpose for you. I hope it calls you out like it did to me. The app called iDisciple has helped me on this journey. I’ve been studying the growth plans and they have taught me things through scripture. I’m opening my heart to God and allowing him to fill my heart with love for this special calling he has for me. In the mean while I am growing and learning more about what it is to be all three (woman, wife, and mother).  I’m learning to view myself as a whole and not as separate identities because these identities are interconnected into one being.

A woman will find fulfillment as she lives out God’s perfect plan. (Proverbs 31:10-31) & (Titus 2:3-5).

At one point in my life, I thought to myself, “hello, we live in the 21st century.” “This woman who you are describing and the work she does doesn’t exist. Plus, it’s too much!” “Someone needs to update these versus.” And other times, I thought, “who is going to help my husband pay the bills.” “He can’t do it all on his own.” And that’s right he can’t do it all on his own. We were made to be his helper. See the proverbs 31 woman is very much up to date. We just have to see it from a different perspective. You see, she works from home (Proverbs 31:13-19; 31:22; 31:24, 31:27) she is busy working hard with eager hands there is no time for her to experience boredom. There is a lot to do in the home. She makes a living from home. She has income coming in. She buys investments from her earnings. She helps pay the bills all from her home.

This is not taking a step back but actually a step forward with tools in our belt.

This is not taking a step back from equal rights and what women in our history have done for us to be treated better or equal to men. This is working just as hard as our men do outside the home but in our home. This calling is to help our family as a whole live better than just ourselves as an individual. The women in our history fought for us and we are taking a step forward with new tools in our toolbox to over achieve in this modern world. What are some things you can start doing today to be a better helper for your husband? What work can you do in your home to make your home a better place? Could it be learning the skills of cooking, cleaning, maintenance, or parenting better?

There is always room for growth and creativity. It’s asking yourself are you brave enough to answer to your calling? Are you able to see God’s hand and hold onto his strength to fight for your family’s well-being?

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