Launching The Mom Dare To Encourage Mommies

Hello beautiful, powerful, and sexy mommies!

I have launched THE MOM DARE.

My name is Janet Ornelas and I am soooooo stoked to start this motherhood blog. This blog is to inspire and encourage mommies to care and love themselves as they are fulfilling and learning their roles as you (mommies). How? By knowing when and how to care and love yourself. There are predominant life seasons that are important for you to take a time out and build yourself back up. For example, after a loss of some sort, after an accomplishment, and/or after a birth of a baby (maybe two) etc. You can do this by building up spiritually, making positive changes, thinking proactively and preparing yourself for the worse.

Mission: To encourage mommies in their motherhood journey.

My hope of this non-guilt free journey of self-care and self-love is that you will become more positive, worry less, trust the Lord Jesus Christ more, and know the value and the importance of caring and loving yourself. There are a lot of mommies that have lost themselves in this beautiful journey of motherhood (including myself). We have sacrificed ourselves for the sake of our child(ren)/family.

I am going against the grain here and telling you that it is not okay to do that. We should embrace motherhood and all that comes with it not let ourselves go with all that comes with it. Before we became a mom we were a woman, a wife, and a child of God. And by letting ourselves go we sacrificed all that we was.

As a new mommy our worrisome grows, meaning we start neglecting our spiritual life, we start neglecting our appearance and even our hygiene and that is not okay. I get that motherhood is hard and exhausting, been there and still there. And I understand that some seasons are better than others. And that is okay. We know that there is no such thing as a perfect life. But we have to step up our self-care/love game for ourselves and love ones. They need us to be okay for the long run. This belief of sacrifice has been integrated in our minds for a very long time-and that is why I created this blog to emphasis self-care and encourage mommies by educating them on self-care and self-love.

A little bit about my beginnings of motherhood…

I dared to become a mom/wife without knowing how to do the essentials. I was afraid to ask questions because of the fear of being judged, criticize, and used as gossip.

So like most new moms I turned to the internet (my village) Google. Google really does become a mom’s best friend and everything is a click away. And that is what inspires me to share about the fun and the not so fun of motherhood through self-care/love tips and videos, tutorials, How-To’s Podcast, reviews, challenges/series, and a spiritual journey.

For the mothers and wives that have more experience please feel free to share, comment below and encourage mommies. We all want to relate and feel like we are not the only ones on this journey. If you just want to talk, my contact info is below, I am willing to talk if you are. Also if you have a specific question that you haven’t seen me answer on the blog and want answered, send me an email and I will be sure to answer it or direct you to the appropriate source.

Love always from this mother to another mother, THE MOM DARE!

EMBRACE MOTHERHOOD AND ALL THAT COMES WITH IT. And always always strive to be the best role model/mommy for your child(ren).

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If you know a mommy that might benefit from or be encouraged by this blog or you enjoyed this post, please share it. Thank you, I will greatly appreciate it and so will she.

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