Hypothyroidism? Paleo Diet? Turmeric Tea?

So much has happened in these first 5 days of February that I needed to start My February Favorites early this month. I’m going to do it in parts because Hypothyroidism is very important and there is much to say about the topic. I want to inform you that I am not a doctor, not a pharmacist, and not any medical professional individual, the following recommendations should not be substituted for medical advice. Again I am just sharing what I have learned from my own diagnosis.

Diagnosis: Hypothyroidism

I’ll start with my diagnosis, in September of 2016, my doctor took some blood tests and found that my thyroid levels were low. I went to my doctor because I was experiencing symptoms for quite a while and that is why she wanted me to take blood tests. That same day that she took my blood tests she told me that my eating lifestyle had to change. She said it in a very nice and sensitive way. She said I had to change my eating style to a Paleo lifestyle. And so, little by little, I’ve been adding Paleo essentials to my pantry and fridge. Once the results came in, I implemented a hypothyroidism diet.  We found out by the blood results that I don’t produce enough thyroid hormone.

The beginning of Paleo…

I needed to watch what I ate because certain foods can activate it in weird ways. I noticed that certain foods like soy made my face show red spots, or when I ate certain dairy products I began to swell up from my face and stomach.

I started watching what I ate a while back to see what reactions I had with certain foods. I started with dairy. When I stopped in taking dairy I noticed that my stomach shrunk. Why? Well…perhaps it had something to do with…


I found an ingredient called carrageenan in my hazelnut creamers. This ingredient is a very important ingredient for creamer and creams. It’s a thickening agent. And this ingredient is what would cause my stomach to swell. This ingredient is found not only on creams and creamers but in other food products as well. I will name a few: cottage cheese, greek yogurt, kids yogurt, and so much more. Please read the labels of everything you buy. If you do encounter with this ingredient put the item back. Do not buy it. Carrageenan is associated with diabetes, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, colon cancer, tumors, and more.

Doctor Recommendations for Me

My doctor recommended me a pharmacy store that she trusts and highly recommends. My experience there was phenomenal. It doesn’t look like your common Walmart or Target pharmacy were everything is vivid in color. No, this pharmacy has neutral colors like burlap and white. My eyes are not use to that so I asked for the pharmacist help in getting the things my doctor recommended for hypothyroidism. Which are the following:

Brand: Standard Process

Name of the supplement: Thytrophin PMG

My doctor also recommended me to take the NU Medica D3-5000 mg

With Hypothyrodism you tend to gain weight so I recommend using this product too by Standard Process. Standard Process is highly recommended by medical professionals.

I also take Vitamin E because my skin is very itchy and dry, and it helps my  nails and hair grow.

What I’m eating since diagnosed with Hypothyrodism:


Birch Benders Paleo Pancake mix

I used these eggs now as well and I found them on my trip to Sprouts. Follow my Snapchat for my latest whereabouts and behind the scenes at theMOMdare.

Handsome Brook Farm Hypothyroidism
Handsome Brook Farm eggs.


Turmeric Tea



Turmeric Tea
Turmeric Tea

What happens when you don’t listen to the doctor?

Since my hypothyroidism diagnosis in September I have tried implementing new, healthy, and positive changes to my life. I have to be honest with you, although, I was diagnosed in September I didn’t make any real changes until after Thanksgiving. The reason why was because I didn’t take my doctors orders seriously. I got really sick the day before Thanksgiving and I couldn’t recover and that led me to the doctor again. Then and only then did I understand the gravity of hypothyroidism and the importance of me treating it.

Weight loss challenge and where I am now

My weight has been the biggest challenge because Hypothyrodism causes weight gain and it doesn’t let you loose weight. My journey with weight loss has not been fun and I’m not where I need to be but slowly I am getting there. The women in my family and I have started a weight loss challenge and I will keep you informed on that.

I started this journey of treating my hypothyroidism in the beginning of December 2016 and I weighed about 164 lbs. I now weigh 148 lbs and I have been able to loose that amount by substituting a few items and taking the medications that the doctor recommended. Slowly I am progressing and to me that’s important because I am able to care for and enjoy my family.

My Energy levels are up and drinking Turmeric Tea

I’ve been on top of my natural energy drink and my energy levels have also spiked up. That is important to me because I have two small children that need me to be active. I also started taking this type of Turmeric Tea because it’s organic and caffeine free which has phenomenal benefits that you can read here. I’m still new to this Tea but I love it already.

I hope this post was helpful and informative. This post should be used to inspire you to take more awareness to your own personal health. Till next time my beautiful, powerful, and sexy mommies.

Love always, Janet Ornelas

The Mom Dare



Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and that means I might earn some commission from the products listed above. I want to inform you that I am not a doctor, not a pharmacist, or any medical professional individual, the following recommendations should not be substituted for medical advice. Again I am just sharing what I have learned from my own diagnosis.










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