Des Dec Art Design and Construction

Des Dec Art Design and Construction
Des Dec Art Design and Construction

Let me introduce to you a special area of my life, Des Dec Art Design & Construction. I specialize in designing baby rooms/nursery rooms, although we are a generalist Design & Construction Company I specialize in baby rooms. You can find our more about this beautiful and creative company at .

Sharing is Caring: Design

I want to share this with you because you need to know how much I love and care about this special season that you are in of growing your family. This new journey you are about to enter is a never ending journey once you become a mom you will always be a mom. Till the day God decides to call you home.

Motherhood is a season that doesn’t end for me because I design nursery rooms. I decided to do this when I put much thought into what I would do if I won the lottery. And I said to myself, “creativity, design, baby rooms, I will design baby rooms.” Just think about what will you do for work if you didn’t have to work because you were rich. What would that be? I know it can be a tough question to ask yourself. Just be honest with yourself and I promise the answer will come.

In the mean time please check out my Des Dec Art Page. You can also find Des Dec Art on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Please check out my work and if you would love for us to work together, then please email me directly at You will find more specific details and other services on my desdecart website.

Love always from this mother to another mother,

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