How To Become A Positive Parent

Life is full with ups and downs and all around. Sometimes life is just hard all on its own. We make it harder by choosing to stay negative instead of positive. It’s very much easier to be negative than it is to choose to say a kind word to ourselves or to others.

Why is that? Because when we are already in a negative situation is easier to go with the flow than against the grain. Going against the grain in a negative situation means choosing to believe the best. Choosing to believe that your kid or someone else didn’t have bad intentions. Believe in the opportunities presented to you is a great time to choose to be positive in this situation. Choosing to believe that God will help you in this situation. Choosing to hope.


Practice positivity with yourself first and then with your children. When you learn how to be positive with yourself you will learn how to be positive to your children and spouse.

3 ways that you can be positive today:

1. Awesome: use the word awesome at the end of each sentence.

2. Choose to focus on what went well instead of all the things that went bad at the end of your day.

3. Start a gratitude journal. At the end of your day write down all the things that went well. Or things that gave you a positive emotion.


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